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15th Annual Health Care Symposium Recap
Punt or Pass?  How to Score in Today's Health Care Game!

On September 4, 2014, nearly 450 employee benefits and health care professionals – representing large and small national and regional companies – participated in the Pittsburgh Business Group on Health’s (PBGH) 15th Annual Health Care Futures Symposium.

The Symposium provided a full day of education on leading-edge concepts, strategies, and perspectives regarding employee healthcare, benefits and wellness trends.

The 2014 Symposium, “Punt or Pass:How to Score in Today’s Health Care Game,” featured in-depth discussions and presentations focused on the rising cost of health care and benefits, as well as suggested benefit solutions employers may consider implementing, which could be more tailored to their employees’ needs.

This year’s football-based theme kicked off with a special “pre-game show” from the Pittsburgh SteeLine, the official drum line of the Pittsburgh Steelers. As attendees lined the indoor football field created for the event, PBGH fans watched from the bleachers as engaging presentations from health care industry thought leaders gave them a game plan of emerging strategies to tackle the rising cost of health care, and drive the value and quality of corporate benefits.

Breakout sessions allowed attendees to huddle around important topics, including:

  • CDHP and HDHP benefit design
  • Health care disparities
  • Rising cost of specialty drugs
  • Private Exchanges
  • Driving a Performance Network

Thank you for the opportunity to attend. Always great to meet with peers and customers and learn what’s on their mind regarding health care. I think PBGH is on track for increased relevance and impact on health care in southwestern Pennsylvania and beyond.
-Robert Carpetis, Eisai Co., Ltd. (Pharmaceutical company)

Key Takeaways

How Business Can Save America from Health Care
Brian Klepper, Chief Executive Officer, National Business Coalition on Health

  • The health care market place is accustomed to excesses- overpricing, overtreatment, and barriers to care
  • By working collaboratively, employers can effect positive change regarding the health care industry’s traditional practices, particularly by recognizing organizations that deliver value

Voluntary Benefits: A Consumerism Strategy
Nelson Griswold, President, Bottom Line Solutions

  • Employees are unwilling to pay first-dollar medical care costs, putting them off until it is necessary to address the problem, which is then much more expensive to treat
  • Employers should offer workplace voluntary benefits that empower employees to seek early, inexpensive medical care and make smart health care decisions
  • Implement one-to-one benefit counseling sessions with employees as part of the voluntary
    benefits program

Value-Based Insurance Design for Sustainable Health Improvement
Mark Fendrick, MD, Professor, Division on General Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine and Department of Health Management and Policy,; Director, University of Michigan Center for Value-Based Insurance Design

  • Shift the health care cost discussion from how much is spent to how well it is spent
  • Transition from a “one size fits all” cost-sharing model to a value-based insurance design to lower consumer costs and reduce socioeconomic disparities

How Did We Get into This Mess?  The History and Future of the US Healthcare System
Ken Melani, MD, President and CEO, KRM Consulting, LLC

  • Market power is shifting from dominant health plans to large, integrated provider systems
  • Government will continue to expand its role as regulator and financier of health care in the U.S.
  • The cost of health care will rise again at rates significantly in excess of general inflation

Walgreen’s Path to a Private Exchange: Looking Beyond the Hype
Tom Sondergeld, Sr. Director of Health & Well-Being, Walgreen Co.

  • Private Exchanges offer employees more personalization and additional options to address benefits and health needs
  • Private Exchange helps eliminate disparities by allowing individuals to tailor their health care plan to suit their needs and budget

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